INNX Hub. Find, manage and activate your marketing assets

As marketing departments wrestle with the complexities of the new media landscape, behind the scenes the real digital disruption is keeping track of the diverse assets and elements that are required to operate in multiple media channels.

INNX Hub is like a GPS for your marketing assets. The Hub is not software or a cloud based filing system like Dropbox – the Hub is a Finding Systemâ„¢. INNX Hub is a new generation web-based platform created by Marketers for Marketers and has been specifically designed for the purpose of finding marketing assets. INNX Hub offers control and peace of mind as your brand assets travel with your brand, not with the creative agency, digital platform partner, SoMe agency, design agency, media partner or other external team members.

INNX Hub manages all file types and even has the ability to view, store and play digital banners. It also incorporates the latest generation AI file & image recognition so finding assets is as easy as storing them.


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