With all the attention being focused on new medias, many of the traditional medias seem to have been left by the wayside.

It’s true, radio is not one of the sexy new digital medias but it still has a lot going for it. There are a lot of knowns about its efficiency and there are none of the technical problems you can get with the digital medias. Better still, radio advertising is cheap, simple and fast to market.

We love writing radio and here’s a selection of radio ads we’ve created – just compare them to the free ones the radio station offers you. Our radio is created to be an integrated part of a campaign so they will always contain a memorable idea and a proper call to action. We don’t write formula ads and we never use the same voice twice – that means your radio advertising will always stand out in the advertising block.

If you’d like some effective radio working for your brand, give us a call and we’ll have you on air in a flash.