Dynaudio is famous for their studio monitors and much of the music you enjoy on the radio has been mastered on the brands equipment. Music and music production are part of the brands DNA. When Dynaudio launched their reengineered near-field studio monitors LYD, they did so with the knowledge that the music industry had changed fundamentally. Many of the large recording studio institutions had disappeared and musicians and engineers were creating music at home or in small collective studios doted around the word.

With a dispersed consumer base Orbit Red and Dynaudio decided that the best approach was to tap into the electronic musicians’ digital networks. To do that effectively, we needed to develop a network of influencers that bridged the diverse digital platforms they inhabited. With the network influencers in place we then added a number of ambassadors into the marketing mix for tactical functions.

Rather than seeing the influencers as a static group we created a dynamic process of constant evaluation and ROI assessment using our FRANK tool – the result is an ongoing organic marketing exercise that has created huge benefits for the brand, not only in the short term but also in the long term.

Axel Boman


Roman Flügel

Daniel Miller

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